Above All Else, Know Thyself

Human beings are, no doubt, the most important and complex components that make up the Internet. Perhaps, you don’t think of yourself as a component of the Internet, but without you and others the Internet simply would not exist.

We are the power that drives the Internet for better or for worse. Yet, unfortunately, the thing most of us understand less than the Internet is ourselves! We tend to take ourselves for granted, and blindly repeat habits day after day with little thought given to the effect on our lives. We are creatures of habit.

If we intend to play a significant role and have a positive impact on the world, then we must above everything else understand ourselves! It is not enough to merely understand the tools at our disposal. Tools are useless without the hand that wields them.

We might begin by examining our habits of thought. We are all biased in the way we think. There is nothing wrong with that for so long as such a bias adequately serves the needs ourselves and our surroundings. Everyone and everything should benefit when our thoughts invoke action.

We are not born with a user manual on being human. We must learn from trial and error, gain knowledge from our failures. We must fall to learn how to walk. In most cases, if we aren’t failing, we simply aren’t learning anything! To know joy, one must know pain. You can’t have light without darkness, no up-side without a down-side, understanding without confusion. Everything has its complimentary opposite. We must embrace both with gratitude, if we are to grow.

Since thought is the most important force that drives us, perhaps understanding our bias is a good start. Here’s a suggested link to start with:

Wikipedia: List of cognitive biases

I have done my part, now its your turn. Please, feel free to suggest your own related links as comments.

David Huett

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    Это было и со мной. Можем пообщаться на эту тему. Здесь или в PM….

    Няня We are the power that drives the Internet for better or for worse. Yet, unfortunately, the thing […….

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