America: Freedom to Fascism

Can we trust those with power to look after our best interests? Perhaps, we should maintain vigilance, or risk losing not only prosperity, but freedom as well. We should not fall victim to the golden rule: He who has the gold rules!

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David Huett

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America: Freedom to Fascism – Director’s Authorized Version

America: Freedom to Fascism – Interview with Aaron Russo

The shocking new full length film that will change the way you look at our once great country and what America has become today. After the pre-rele…

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Biographies: Aaron Russo, J. P. Morgan, Paul_Warburg, John D. Rockefeller, Woodrow Wilson, Mayer Rothschild

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My Jetpak Summary

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by David Huett

Protect yourself. A small private group of
individuals appears to in control many governments
through the power to create money that is no longer
backed by assets such as gold or other precious
commodities. Their power appears to be growing. Arm
yourself with knowledge. Be aware!

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